The Spotbot LED CYM 300, a versatile LED fixture that is affordable, full-featured and all-purpose fixture. It’s equipped with a powerful 300W LED engine that can produce a bright, powerful and even projection, the Spotbot’s impressive 7 ̊-31 ̊ zoom range allows for the unit to be utilized in versatile settings. When combined with the 8 facet rotating prism the gobos seem to come alive. The 10 fixed and 7 rotating gobos allow you to morph between them using the focus and zoom. The smooth CYM color mixing allows for many color combinations. It offers a unique set of added colors that reside on the back end of the CYM color flags with the ability to generate a multitude of color sequences. The Spotbot also features a frost filter for a colorful, smooth soft-edged wash. The Spotbot LED CYM 300 is the perfect multi-tool, robust, full size fixture to have in your lighting tool chest.



  • ITEM ID: 1182
    PAN: 540° 8/16 bit
    TILT: 270° 8/16 bit
    DMX CONNECTORS: 3 and 5-pin XLR in and out panel mounted
    POWER CONNECTION: Power Con Type in and out
    THERMAL: Maximum Ambient Temperature 110º F Maximum Surface Temperature 140º F
    FASTENING SYSTEM: 2 Quick Release Clamp Mounts
    POWER SUPPLY: Auto Switching 100V≈240V 50/60Hz
    POWER CONSUMPTION: Watts: 382W / Amps: 3.25
    BALLAST: Electronic
    DISPLAY: LCD Display
    PRISM: 8 Facet Overlayed Prism Rotating In Both Directions At Different Speeds
    DIMMER: Electronic Dimming
    SHUTTER: Electronic Shutter Strobe 18 Flash Per Second
    IRIS: Adjustable Iris
    FROST: Mechanical Frost Effect
    FOCUS: Mechanical Focus
    GOBO: Static 10+ Open
    GOBO 2: Rotating 7+ Open Bi-Directional Rotation 
    COLOR SECTION 1: Red, UV, Dark Blue, Cyan
    COLOR SECTION 2: Lime Green, Orange, Green, Magenta
    COLOR SECTION 3: 4926 K, 4260K, 3889 K, Yellow
    ZOOM RANGES: 7º - 31º Zoom Range
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