All-in-one solution, no assembly required: The AD-P.HALO is purpose-designed and fully integrated in a single-enclosure pendant that is ready to hang right out of the box. This hassle-free design simplifies and expedites the installation process, lowering the overall project costs and allowing the integrator to focus on the sound Designed for performance and musicality: Featuring a 6.5" subwoofer and four 2.75" transducers in a single, pendant-mount enclosure, the AD-P.HALO brings high-performance and musicality to high-end retail and hospitality applications where sound drives the atmosphere The 200 W RMS power rating provides significant dynamic headroom that far surpasses the background music performance of traditional two-way pendant-mount loudspeakers Perfect AcousticDesign Series companion: The AD-P.HALO joins the AcousticDesign Series portfolio of loudspeakers, which offer sleek aesthetic design and high-quality sound across multiple form factors (ceiling-mount, pendant-mount and surface-mount) The QSC AD-P.HALO is a purpose-built, integrated SUB/SAT pendant loudspeaker system, featuring an integrated 6.5" subwoofer and four 2.75" satellite transducers in a single enclosure that is ready to install out of the box. Designed for business music installations where music drives the atmosphere, it features a 200 W RMS power rating with significant dynamic headroom that far surpasses the performance of traditional two-way, pendant-mount loudspeakers


  • Features

    Overview: The QSC AD-P.HALO is a full-range pendant speaker that has been developed as part of QSC's AcousticDesign Series Subwoofer and Satellite systems. The AD-P.HALO can provide clear, crisp background music and paging for large indoor areas, such as malls, transportation terminals, high-end retail, hospitality services, restaurants, and many other indoor applications where a high quality speaker system is required.

    Enclosure: The QSC AD-P.HALO features a single 6.5" dual voice-coil subwoofer driver along with four 2.75" full-range drivers, arranged in a conical, down-firing enclosure that's designed to be suspended. Both driver types feature a high-quality treated paper cone with a rubber surround, and are housed in a durable ABS enclosure that includes 4 down-firing ports.

    70/100V & Low-Z: Rated for 200 watts RMS, the AD-P.HALO provides significant dynamic headroom, surpassing the performance of traditional 2-way pendant speakers.  It features an effective frequency range from 40Hz up to 20kHz, and can be used in either a 70/100 volt system or in a low-impedance (Low-Z) configuration. A single 4-pin Euroblock (Phoenix) connector is provided for running a mono 70 or 100 volt input signal and includes thru terminals for daisy-chaining multiple speakers. The pendant speaker's tap dial is located on top of the speaker and includes the following selections:

    • 70V: 12.5W, 25W, 50W, and 100W
    • 100V: 25W, 50W, and 100W
    • Low-Z: Transformer bypass (6Ω)

    AcousticDesign Series: The AD-P.HALO pendant speaker is part of QSC's AcousticDesign Series of speakers that share acoustically matched characteristics. These include QSC's AD-S.SAT surface-mount speakers or the AD-C.SAT in-ceiling satellite speakers (both sold separately). A pendant-mount subwoofer, the AD-P.SUB (sold separately), is also available for added low-end.

    Mounting: The QSC AD-P.HALO includes two 10.5' cables for suspending the subwoofer over your listening area, one serves as the main support cable while the second acts as the safety backup cable. Included Gripple cable connectors allow the subwoofer's mounting height to be easily adjusted.

    Terminals: All wiring to the AD-P.HALO speakers is done through a 4-pin Euroblock connector, accepting speaker wire up to 14AWG. The Euroblock speaker connector is secured in place on top of the speaker with 2 anchor screws. A tap cover-plate and terminal conduit clamp help keep wires secure and debris out of the connectors.

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