Record 16 scenes using one DMX512 Universe with the MEMO DMX. It has the ability to record selected scenes using DMX input from a house lighting console. Once the MEMO DMX is programmed, you can use it even with the console off! The unit fits in a standard 2-gang electrical box and has a rugged anodized wall plate which gives it a clean, professional look. The MEMO DMX Main and MEMO DMX Remote are simple to use and can be installed in any church, theater, or building that requires a design with multiple scenes.  Simplify the lighting design in your room with the MEMO DMX Remote.


  • ITEM ID: MC1091
    DMX CONNECTIONS: 3-Pin Screw Type Phoenix In & 3 Pin Phoenix Out
    REMOTE CONNECTIONS: 4-Pin Screw Type Phoenix In & 4 Pin Phoenix Out
    POWER CONNECTIONS: 2 Pin Screw Type Phoenix In
    MOUNTING SYSTEM: Fits USA Standard 2 Gang Electrical Box
    BUTTON INTERFACE: 2 Page of 8 Scene Retrieval, 1 On/Off 1 Page 
    COMMAND SWITCH: 4 Dip Switch Function Control
    POWER SUPPLY: Auto Switch 100V-240V 50/60 Hz Mean Well APV-12-12 (Included in Main Unit)
    POWER LINK: Can Link up to 12 Remote Units Per Power Supply
    DMX SIGNAL: Unit Serves as a DMX Through Device
    DMX RECORD: Unit Records up to 16 Scenes
    DMX REMOTE UNIT: All MEMO DMX Remote Units Trigger the MEMO DMX Main Unit


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