MEGA-Lite presents the Outshine Q500, a powerful IP65 color-changing unit. It features a sleek modern housing, this RGBW architectural/theatrical fixture has the ability to create countless color combinations with even coverage and a compelling color balance due to its 16Bit dimming. It is equipped with 48 10W RGBW LEDs, the Outshine Q500 can illuminate a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. The unit has a two segment mode, allowing it to be used for color changing applications. It can create accurate dimming to even the low percentages with its 16Bit Dimming feature. The two channels for color mixing multiplies each color and enables the ability to create an assortment of various colors. This unit makes it possible to create profound saturates as well as warm pastels and exquisite crisp hues and tints, ideal for church, theatrical and outdoor settings. It is supplied with Wireless Solutions WDMX, it can be accessorized with a removable barn door and diffusion filter for further control of the light. The Outshine Q500 is designed to create a clean wash effect, smooth color mixing transitions and generate vibrant colors that can transform any venue. Don’t just shine, OUTshine with the Outshine Q500!


  • ITEM ID: 7227
    POWER CONNECTION: Seetronic IP Connection With Nema 5/15 Adapter
    SIGNAL CONNECTORS: Seetronics IP65 XLR 3 Pin In/Out
    FASTENING SYSTEM: 2 Quick Release Clamp Mount 2 or 1 Position
    THERMAL: Maximum Ambient Temperature 104º F Maximum Surface Temperature 140º F
    WIRELESS: Wireless Solutions IP Antenna
    LENS: 30º
    LED WATTS: 10W
    DIMMING: 16Bit Dimming
    LED LIFETIME: 50 to 80,000 Average
    REFRESH RATE: 7000Hz
    POWER SUPPLY: 110V≈240V 50/60Hz
    BALLAST: Electronic Auto Switching
    POWER CONSUMPTION: Watts: 272W / Amps: 2.33
    SEGMENT: 2 Segment Control
    DMX CHANNELS: 7 Modes of Operation
    MODE 3 CHANNELS: Red, Green, Blue
    MODE 4 CHANNELS: Red, Green, Blue, White
    MODE 5 CHANNELS: Dimmer, Red, Green, Blue, White
    MODE 7 CHANNELS: Dimmer, Red, Green, Blue, White, Strobe, Macro
    MODE 8 CHANNELS: Red, Red Fine, Green, Green Fine, Blue, Blue Fine, White, White Fine
    MODE 10 CHANNELS: Dimmer, Dimmer Fine, Red, Red Fine, Green, Green Fine, Blue, Blue Fine, White, White Fine
    MODE 13 CHANNELS: Dimmer, R1, G1, B1, W1, R2, G2, B2, W2, Strobe, Macro, Dim Curve, Dim Speed
    CONTROL OPTIONS: Built In Control Via Display 
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