The Lumen8 Station is a mega compact lighting console that is perfect for on-the-go small productions, school, stages and houses of worship. Using our unique visual cue list and graphical approach, the Lumen8 Station gives you the power of a professional lighting in a small package console with a quick learning curve. Forget overcomplicated platforms and see control in a new light with the Lumen8 Station.


  • ITEM ID: MC8001
    OUTPUT PROTOCOLS: DMX-512, Art-net
    OUTPUT SPECIFICATIONS: 1 Universe Built In + 8 Universes Using an Artnet Output Nodes
    CUES SEQUENCES: Unlimited Cues/Sequences Per Fader Cue List
    SAVING FEATURES: Back Up & Restore Show File to USB to Recall on Another Lumen8 Console
    PRESETS: Automatically Generated From Fixture Profiles or Can Be Made Custom
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: 32 Assignable Cue Triggers With Higher Cue Priority Per Page
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: 8 Assignable Cue Faders With Higher Cue Priority Per Page
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Unlimited Cue Pages With 8 Graphical Cue Lists Per Page
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Each Graphical Cue List Has Unlimited Cue/Sequences
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Built In Effects for Example: RGB, Movement, Specific Channels/Traits
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Built In 3D Visualizer to Visualize Colors/Gobos & Beams
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Virtual Matrix That Allows Any Color Mixing Fixture Patched to Become Part of a Matrix
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Up to 10 Fixture Views to Layer Fixture Layouts
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Pan & Tilt Tracking for All Channels as an Option
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Multiple Preset Windows From 1-3 User Selectable
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Touch Friendly Interface
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: 11 Speed Sensitive Encoders for Modifying Channel Traits
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