The unique Circa Scoop LED is a next-level unit designed with four different elements that can be used in multiple applications. Built with lightweight housing, the Circa features a variety of technological components that add a one-of-a-kind look to any concert, church, theater, or club. It is equipped with 45 WW and Amber LEDs located in the unit’s Center Engine. It enables the unit to create a nice and warm sunset effect, ideal for theatrical utilization. The “Reflective Pattern Ring” has an additional 87 WW LEDs, which creates a nice soft-edged effect to any setting. The Circa also features an Inner Ring which has 144 RGB LEDs, 8 segment control, and the capability to control the macro speed and dim down different colors enabling it to set a wide mixture of colors. The Outer Ring also features 8 segments and is equipped with an extra 192 RGB LEDs that illuminate a 140º angle. The 336 RGB LEDs can produce multiple color combinations and facilitate the ability to create authentic looks that can be used as dazzling eye-candy effects. In addition, the RGB LEDs also produce a bright cool white, allowing it to alter the mood and intensify or neutralize a color. The Inner and Outer Rings can generate pulsing random strobe and macro effects, giving the Circa Scoop further diversity within one single unit. The Circa Scoop LED is designed to have removable clamps and quick releases, it can be accessorized with a dual road case and a floor base. The Circa Scoop LED isn’t like any other fixture, with a modern twist it is an upscale unit designed to liven up any setting it is used in. Whether placed on the floor or rigged, this unique fixture can make any band or performer stand out from the rest. The Circa Scoop LED has the design and effects you’ve been looking for, let its multiple elements make you stand out from the crowd!


  • ITEM ID: 5200
    DMX CONNECTORS: 5-pin XLR Connectors
    POWER CONNECTION: Power Con Type in and out
    MOUNTING YOKE: Square Yoke (Circular Yoke Accessory Available)
    FASTENING SYSTEM: 1 Quick Release Clamp Mounts
    LED QUANTITY:  336 RGB, 87 Warm White, 45 Warm White + Amber
    SMD LEDs WATTS: 0.8W Each
    THERMAL: Maximum Ambient Temperature 110º F Maximum Surface Temperature 140º F
    FUSE: 5 x 20 F5AL250V
    LED ANGLE: 140º (Outer Ring)
    POWER SUPPLY: 110V≈240V 50/60Hz
    BALLAST: Electronic Auto Switching
    POWER CONSUMPTION: Watts: 428W / Amps: 3.70
    LED LIFETIME: 60 to 100,000 Hours
    SCAN RATE: 7000 Hz
    PROTOCOL: DMX 512 Protocol
    DMX MODE 1: 2 CHANNELS Dimmer, Macro
    DMX MODE 2: 3 CHANNELS Dimmer, Warm White, Amber
    DMX MODE 3: 17 CHANNELS Dimmer, Outer R, G, B Macro, Macro Speed, Outer Strobe, Inner R, G, B, Macro, Macro Speed, Inner Strobe, Warm White, Amber, Reflective Center, Center Strobe 
    DMX MODE 4: 52 CHANNELS Dimmer, outer, RGB x 8, Inner RGB x 8, Warm White, Amber, Reflective Warm White
    DMX MODE 5: 55 CHANNELS Dimmer, Outer, RGB x 8, Outer Strobe, Inner RGB x 8, Inner Strobe, Warm White, Amber, Reflective Warm White, Center Strobe
    CONTROL OPTIONS: Display Control 
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