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The ADJ Mega Flash DMX is the programmable, sound activated strobe light you are looking for. With built-in microphone and compact design, expect to bring the ADJ Mega Flash DMX to every event!



Just the like the name proclaims, the Mega Flash DMX from ADJ will offer you that huge explosion of strobes in a compact package. The 800W monster lamp will be the driving force behind all this light and will blast your dance floor. This unit is perfect for DJs and any party event.

Use the sound active mode and build-in microphone to have a really engaging strobe light show that responds to the rhythm of the beat. Or if you want to program it with the DMX-512 protocol and 2 DMX channels. At any time you can change the speed and dimmer through the control knobs on the back of the unit.

With the powerful 800W strobe light in the Mega Flash DMX, you can expect for the light to reach all corners of your dance floor. This unit only weighs 5 lbs and has a bracket that will make it very easy to setup with your existing equipment. Make sure that if you need the best strobe light that you choose the Mega Flash DMX 800W Strobe Light from ADJ.


$239.95 Regular Price
$179.99Sale Price
    •  Powerful 800W DMX strobe light 
    •  Compact design 
    •  DMX-512 protocol 
    •  2 DMX channels for speed and dimming 
    •  Speed and dimmer control knob on rear of unit 
    •  0-100% dimming control 
    •  Sound active with built-in microphone 
    •  Lamp: ZB-800, 800W 
    •  Dimensions (LxWxH): 4” x 15.5” x 8.5” / 102 x 394 x 216mm 
    •  Weight: 5 lbs. / 2.2kgs.
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