The Mega Air PRO DMX is an interface by Mega-Lite for sending DMX signal wirelessly from one location to another. It features truss mountable housing for easy rigging. When running DMX cable is complex or too much of an expense, the Mega Air PRO DMX is the perfect solution. The Mega Air PRO DMX uses frequency hopping technology to constantly select the best frequency for sending the signal. Additionally, it is built with Swedish Wireless Solution components, the industry standard. Operating the MEGA Air PRO DMX is simple. One transceiver can send the signal to multiple receivers. Multiple transceivers can also send signal to multiple receivers and you can designate which receiver those transceivers pair up with. They sync up automatically by pressing the function button on both powered units. The Mega Air PRO DMX receiver can control up to one universe of DMX. If a fixture does not have wireless technology built in, both 3-pin and 5-pin outlets are available to connect the receiver to the fixture. The interfaces are user interactive, with both power indicators and connection status lights. Receiver and transceiver are sold separately but work together seamlessly.


  • ITEM ID: MC2044
    RADIO FREQUENCY USED: 2.40-252G Automatic Select, 126 Channels Using Frequency, Hopping Technology-AFHSS
    FEQUENCY AGILE: Adaptive
    UNIVERSES: Up to 16 Selectable
    COMMUNICATION DISTANCE: Up to 200 Meters (Outdoor Prime Operating Environment)
    POWER SUPPLY: 110v
    DISPLAY: Power Indicator & Connection Status
    COMPLIANT: This Device Complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules
    FASTENING SYSTEM: Truss Mount Clamp & Mounting Holes
    POWER CONNECTION: Power Con Type
    SIGNAL CONNECTION: XLR 3 & 5 Pin In for Mega Air Pro Transmitter, XLR 3 & 5 Out for Mega Air Pro Receiver 
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