ArKaos Media Master Pro 5 Control Software (License Only)



Introducing MediaMaster Pro 5! Features: 36 Layers, MediaHub for network sharing, LEDMapper 3 with unicast, Lyric Player, Art-Net, Kling-Net, DMX, MIDI and time code. Combining maximum functionality with simplicity of operation, the new ArKaos MediaMaster Pro 5.0 retains the user-friendly and broad functionality that has become the trademark of the ArKaos product range.


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  • • DMX Merging to combine control such as Pan & Tilt from a light console and video from MediaMaster.

    • Pixel Blending between a light console color output and the video output from MediaMaster, with control over the Blend function through DMX.

    • Kling-Net Draft Devices to prepare a show disconnected from the real devices.

    • Extended Fixture Creation to support complex DMX devices like Moving Heads with Pan & Tilt.

    • 64 Bits Support for all applications.

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