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The M600EL mirror ball package from Eliminator Lighting is an all-in-one mirror ball kit with a 16-inch mirror ball, mirror ball motor and a pinspot lighting fixture.

The 16-inch Mirror Ball that is included will be a perfect fit for your event or dance floor. With 100's of reflective mini-panels, you will get the fantastic spread of reflected white light around the room.
Having the right A/C Motor can be vital to make sure the EM16 mirror ball performs at its best. The motor included in the package will be a perfect fit and comes with chain and rings to aid in rigging.
As for the spotlight, that can be one of the most important items in this package. The Pinspot will make sure the mirror ball has just the right amount of light pointed at it. The pinspot comes with a lamp and hanging bracket that can be used to mount it right next to the mirror ball. So make your venue or temporary event has this classic dance floor lighting kit and give your guests something to remember.
Mirror Ball Kit includes:
  • 1x Eliminator Lighting EM16, 16-inch mirror ball
  • 1x ADJ Lighting M101-HD, heavy duty 1 RPM mirror ball motor
  • 1x ADJ Lighting PL-1000 pinspot lighting fixture

ADJ EM16, MBMHD1, PL1000EL combo

$235.95 Regular Price
$199.99Sale Price
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