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Adding even greater freedom and flexibility to your live sound setup, the JBL EON ONE Compact USB Power Cable allows you to easily power an AKG wireless system or a DigiTech-DOD guitar pedal directly from your JBL EON ONE Compact battery-powered portable P.A. With a USB A connection that plugs into your speaker and a 5.5mm power terminal that connects to an AKG DMS system or a wide range of DigiTech-DOD pedals, the cable lets you use your EON ONE Compact’s rechargeable battery to power select external devices. Perfect for musicians, DJs, presenters and entertainers who want freedom of movement while performing, crystal-clear vocals and an easy way to enhance their sound with effects, the EON ONE Compact USB Power Cable provides greater setup flexibility and allows you to turn any space into your stage. By not relying on a traditional power source to power your wireless system or guitar pedal, there aren’t any limits to where you can perform. Designed to be used specifically with the EON ONE Compact, AKG wireless systems and DigiTech-DOD guitar pedals, the 9V cable powers AKG DMS systems or pedals. Whether you’re busking near the beach or speaking at a corporate event, the EON ONE Compact USB Power Cable allows you to bring legendary sound wherever life takes you.


$30.01 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
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