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ADJ F4 Par Bag EP


The Accu-Case F4 Par Bag EP is a soft padded transport bag designed to carry any type of modern flat par fixtures. The bag is divided into four compartments to keep your fixtures separate and well-protected. The padded material offers further reassurance that your units won’t be damaged. You may even find that by keeping your fixtures in such good condition, you even make back the money you spend on the bag when you finally sell your fixtures. 


We know how crucial the space in your vehicle is. So, for those of you who need to save on room, the Flat Pak Bag refrains from being bulky in size; you can safely store up to four or eight flat pars, offering protection without taking up that vital space. Each Flat Pak Bag also packs away neatly, taking up little storage space during your gig – you can simply fold the bag up and pack it away. This simple storage solution saves you from paying for bulky solid flight cases, which cost more and use up limited space in your DJ booth. It also means that you’ll never need to leave your cases back out to be stored in your vehicle during a gig. 


This padded transport bag isn't just for Pars. You can fit a variety of cables and clamps by pulling out the dividers. Just compare the size of your lighting fixture to size below to see if your fixture fits.

ADJ F4 Par Bag EP transport bags

$51.95 Regular Price
$37.99Sale Price
    • Durable padded Gig Bag for transporting lighting, cables, clamps etc.
    • Fits up to 4 Slim LED Pars
    • Padded dividers may be removed to fit other effect lighting, cables, clamps, etc. (see case dimensions)
    • Front pockets fit cables and/or controllers
    • Inner Bag Dimensions (LxWxH): 14”x10”x9.25” / 360x250x220mm
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