The Enlighten Splitter is an interface and four-output splitter all-in-one that works with the Enlighten Lighting Control Software. The Enlighten DMX to USB interface is built right in. The unit has two inputs for when it is not being used with the Enlighten software. Each output and input has a 3-pin and 5-pin XLR connectors. Electronic isolation is used between input and output, and output and output. Its dimensions are 19” W x 6” L x 1.75”H. It has removable rack ears for rack mounting front or back and is also wall mountable.



    ITEM ID: MC1040
    OUTPUT SPECIFICATIONS: 4 Output, 3 & 5 Pin XLR Connectors
    CUES SEQUENCES: Unlimited Buttons
    SAVING FEATURES: Back Up & Restore Show File to USB to Recall on Any Pc
    PRESETS: Automatically Generated From Fixture’s Profiles or Can Be Made Custom
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Stack as Many Buttons (Playbacks) as Needed
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Each Look or Sequence Can be Locked for House or Ambient Lighting
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Button Groups Allow for Multiple Fixture types on a Single Page
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Color Coded Button Groups Allow for Sub Master, Manual Cross Fade, or Auto cross Fade with Adjustable Cross Fade Times for Each Group of Buttons
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Full Screen Video Can be Played Along with Lighting Scenes
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Move any Button to any Position on Screen
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Easy Assignable Keyboard Shortcut for Each button
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Easy Assignable MIDI Command for Each Button and Sub Master for External Hardware Control
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: SOLO Mode for Any Fixture
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Live Control Override at any Time.
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Program Looks Step by Step Without the Wizard with Ease
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Palette Presets is the Foundation of the Programming System (Position Presets)
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Unlimited Pages of Buttons that Trigger Still Looks, Sequences, Multiple Buttons and Timeline Schedules
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Easy to Create Fixture Groups Creation
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Palettes are Automatically Created on Patching or Can be Made Custom
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Multiple Views to Arrange Graphically Fixtures in Different Rooms or Areas
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Direct Fader Control with Virtual Wheel Controls Gives Better Direct Control
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Expandable Up to 6 Universes (CPU and USB Interface Dependent)
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Unlimited Fixtures and Buttons
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: LED Matrix Engine and LED Macros
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Printable Patch List
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