Building on more than a decade of our unique approach to lighting control, the Enlighten2 wing delivers a powerful and portable control surface. With a quick learning curve and a modern approach to lighting and Video control, this wings delivers the hands on control to make playback and programming more efficient.



  • ITEM ID: MC2405
    POWER: 100-240V 50/60 Hz AC Power @ 0.5 Amps Draw Peak
    OUTPUT PROTOCOLS: DMX-512 with Optional MC2406 Output Card
    OUTPUT SPECIFICATIONS: Optional 2 Universes Module MC2406 / Unlocks +24 Universes Using an Art-Net Output Nodes
    CUES SEQUENCES: Unlimited Cues/ Sequences Per Fader Cue List
    SAVING FEATURES: Back Up & Restore Show File to USB to Recall on any Enlighten Products
    PRESETS: Auto Generated from Fixture Profiles or Can be Made Custom
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: 16 Assignable Cue Triggers
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: 8 Assignable Cue Faders
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Unlimited Playback Pages with 8 Graphical Button Groups (Visual Cue List) Per Page
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: No Limit on Sequences, 12288 Channels of DMX with Optional MC2406 DMX Out Module
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Built in Effects: RGB, Movement, Specific Channels/ Traits, Real Time & Generated FX
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Built in 3D Visualizer to Visualize Colors/ Gobos & Beams
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Virtual Matrix that Allows any Color Mixing Fixture Patched to Become Part of a Matrix, Supports Multi Segment Fixtures
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Up to 10 Fixture Views to Layer Fixture Layouts
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Pan & Tilt Tracking for all Channels as an Option
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Speed Sensitive Pan, Tilt & Focus Wheels
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: AI Button Creator - Automatically Create Shows in Seconds
    HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS: 8 Cue-list Faders with Bump Buttons
    HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS: 8 Assignable Faders
    HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS: 16 Assignable Sequence Backlit Trigger Buttons
    HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS: 8 Trait Playback Encoders
    HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS: 3 Large Pan & Tilt Encoders & Select Encoder
    HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS: 16 Backlit Playback/ Programming Buttons
    HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS: 1 Integrated Trackball Mouse & Select Buttons
    HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS: 4 Backlit Page & View Select Buttons
    HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS: 1 Grand Master & Fadetime Faders
    HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS: 1 Blackout & Master GO & Fadetime Faders
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