Disco Lighting Control Software is designed specifically for the club, lounge and DJ markets to fill the needs of Lighting Jockeys and DJ’s alike. The user interface is designed with a built in wizard system that makes creating looks a step-by-step process. Disco uses a revolutionary concept of building the looks one at a time and then “mixing” them together to produce an unlimited array of combinations for all your fixtures.



  • ITEM ID: MC1010
    OUTPUT SPECIFICATIONS: 1 Output, 3 & 5 Pin XLR Connectors
    CUES SEQUENCES: Unlimited Buttons
    SAVING FEATURES: Back Up & Restore Show File to USB to Recall on Any Pc
    PRESETS: Automatically Generated From Fixture’s Profiles or Can Be Made Custom
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Stack as Many Buttons (Playbacks) as Needed
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Each Look or Sequence Can be Locked for House or Ambient Lighting
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Button Groups Allow for Multiple Fixture types on a Single Page
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Color Coded Button Groups Allow for Sub Master, Manual Cross Fade, or Auto cross Fade with Adjustable Cross
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Full Screen Video Can be Played Along with Lighting Scenes
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Move any Button to any Position on Screen
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Easy Assignable Keyboard Shortcut for Each button
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Easy Assignable MIDI Command for Each Button and Sub Master for External Hardware Control
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: SOLO Mode for Any Fixture
    PLAYBACK CONTROL: Live Control Override at any Time.
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Program Looks Step by Step Without the Wizard with Ease
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Palette Presets is the Foundation of the Programming System (Position Presets)
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Unlimited Pages of Buttons that Trigger Still Looks, Sequences, Multiple Buttons and Timeline Schedules
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Easy to Create Fixture Groups Creation
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Palettes are Automatically Created on Patching or Can be Made Custom
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Multiple Views to Arrange Graphically Fixtures in Different Rooms or Areas
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Direct Fader Control with Virtual Wheel Controls Gives Better Direct Control
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Expandable Up to 6 Universes (CPU and USB Interface Dependent)
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Unlimited Fixtures and Buttons
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: LED Matrix Engine and LED Macros
    PROGRAMMING CONTROL: Printable Patch List
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