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3-foot data cable, cabinet to cabinet, horizontal and vertical for the ADJ AV6 Video Panels.



CAT6PRO3 is a 3-foot pro grade data cable that connects one AV6 video panel to another horizontally or vertically.The CAT6 Pro cable range is a 8 conductor, twisted pair cable complying to the CAT6 standard. The CAT6 Pro cable has a plastic separator between the different pairs, which follows the most stringent specifications for crosstalk and noise. Because of this, CAT6 Pro cable supports frequencies up to 250 Mhz. The maximum cable run length according to the standards is limited to 328 feet (100 meters).


$45.95 Regular Price
$35.99Sale Price

    • Inner conductor: Bare COPPER 19 x 0.12

    • Inner conductor section: 0.22mm²

    • Isolation: HDPE Ø 0.95mm

    • Color Isolation: Blue, Blue-White, Orange, Orange-White, Green, Green-White, Brown, Brown-White

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