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The Focus Flex L7 offers lighting designers the creative flexibility of generating vibrant washes, punchy beams, and eye-catching pixel effects from one compact and quick automated luminaire. Powered by an array of seven potent 40-Watt 4-in-1 RGBL color mixing LEDs, each of which can be controlled independently, it offers a motorized zoom function providing the versatility of a variable beam angle of between 6 and 55-degrees. With a variety of DMX mode options appropriate to different applications, it offers virtual CMY color mixing and virtual foreground and background color wheel control as well as a choice of seven different DMX modes ranging from 16 to 50 channels.


Compact, quick and punchy, the Focus Flex L7 from ADJ Lighting is a versatile moving head luminaire capable of creating wash, beam and pixel effects. Designed to provide lighting designers with both flexibility and creative potential, it is ideal for event production and rental applications as well as for permanent installation in concert halls, theatres, nightclubs and churches.


The fixture is powered by an array of seven potent 40-Watt 4-in-1 RGBL color mixing LEDs, each of which can be controlled independently. Through mixing the intensity of the primary LED colors, a huge gamut of output colors can be created to suit any mood or desired look. The fixture features a convenient Virtual CMY mode, which allows control alongside native CMY color mixing fixtures using hardware/software CMY color picker/pallete tools. It also offers Virtual Foreground and Background Color Wheel control as well as white light output with variable color temperature of between 2700K to 10,000K. This can be accessed either via linear control or a collection of 10 convenient presets. Meanwhile, through controlling the seven LEDs independently, the fixture can be used to generate impressive pixel-mapped effects. All of the LEDs used to construct the Focus Flex L7 are color calibrated to ensure uniform output of fixtures from different batches.


Motorized zoom allows the field angle of the Focus Flex L7 to be altered remotely between a wide 55-degrees and narrow 6-degrees, which allows it to be used for creating both broad washes and concise beams. Its extremely quick motor movement allows for the creation of stunning high-impact aerial effects, while 16-bit fine motor control ensures precise positioning.


A flexible fixture, the Focus Flex L7 offers seven DMX mode options (requiring between 16 and 50 control channels), appropriate to different applications, as well as a variety of customizable options, including selectable LED refresh rate and dimming modes. These are accessed through a color LCD display panel with 6-button menu interface located on the side panel of the fixture alongside a USB port which can be utilized for easy updates of future firmware releases.


$2,379.95 Regular Price
$1,699.99Sale Price
  • Source: 

    • 7 x 40-Watt RGBL LEDs (50,000 hr.) 

    • CRI: 83.4

    • CT: 2700K ~ 10,000K

    • 14,329 lux / 4° beam @ 16’ (5m) 

    • 367 lux / 35° beam @ 16’ (5m)

    • Lumens: 3500 (Zoomed Out, Full On)



    • Moving Head Pixel Wash with Pixel Effects

    • Electronic Strobe / Dimmer

    • Pan/Tilt: 540/630 x 260

    • Beam Angle: 4 ~ 35°

    • Field Angle: 6 ~ 55°

    • Color Calibrated Pixels so units match from batch to batch 

    • Virtual CMY DMX Control Modes 

    • Virtual Foreground and Background Color Wheel Control 

    • Selectable LED Refresh Rates (900 Hz~25K Hz)

    • Selectable Dim Modes: Standard, Stage, TV, Arch., Theatre, Stage 2 and user settable Dim Speed (0.1S~10S)

    • 4 Dim Curves: Square, Linear, Inv. Square and S. Curve 

    • 0-100% smooth dimming 

    • Various strobe speeds 

    • USB firmware update port

    • Fan Cooled

    • Antenna for WiFLY EXR Wireless DMX



    • Virtual CMY DMX Control Modes 

    • Virtual Foreground and Background Color Wheel Control 

    • Built-In Color Macros

    • 2,700K ~ 10,000K Linear White Color Temperature Control

    • Color Temperature Presets: 2,700, 3,000, 3,200, 4,000, 4,500, 5,000, 5,600, 6,500, 8,000 and 10,000K



    • 7 DMX Modes - 16/25/34/42/50/25 (CMY)/28 (CMY) Channels

    • Color LCD display with 6-button function menu 

    • Control Mode: DMX512 or internal programs 

    • Built-In Effect Pixel Programs with Speed and Fade Control 

    • Various strobe speeds 

    • USB firmware update port 

    • With Wired Digital Communication Network 

    • RDM (Remote Device Management) 

    • WiFLY EXR Wireless DMX built-in (2500 ft. / 700M line of sight)



    • Pan: 540/630 degrees 

    • Tilt: 265 degrees 



    • DMX Connections: 5-pin XLR In/Out 

    • Power Connections: Indoor Locking Power In/Out 



    • Multi-voltage operation: 90-240V, 50/60Hz 

    • Max power consumption: 337W @120V


    Dimensions & Weight: 

    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.0”L x 9.8”W x 13.7”H (178.8x250.0x349.2mm) 

    • Weight: 15.5lbs (7kg) 


    What’s Included: 

    • Omega Brackets 

    • 1.83M locking power cable

    • Safety Cable


    Approvals / Rating: 

    CE Certified / ETL (Pending)



    Specifications subject to change without notice

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