22 AWG stranded (0.15 x 19 ) tinned copper conductors, polyethylene insulation, twisted pair, polyethylene inner jacket, Duofoil® (100% coverage) and cotton plus a tinned copper braid shield (85% coverage), PVC jacket.


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  • Conductor: Number of Pairs: 1

    Total Number of Conductors: 2

    AWG: 22

    Stranding: 0.15 x 19

    Conductor Diameter: .0354"

    Conduct or Material: TC-Tinned Copper Insulation: Insulation Material PE Polyethylene Lay Length:

    Lay Length: 2.5"

    Direction: Left Hand Lay

    Twists: 4.8 per foot Inner Jacket:

    Inner Jacket Material: PE- Polyethylene

    Inner Jacket Diameter: .055"