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No matter if you are a starting DJ or a seasoned pro, we have the right DJ equipment for you. Getting the right DJ gear is crucial, and our assortment of DJ equipment will fit any budget. To start, most DJs will almost always need mixers, and if you’re DJing in a club you may need something with four channels. These mixers are usually 12” (for its width) and paired with two or four Pioneer CDJs, or table top media players. This isn’t always the case, as turntables are an option for club DJs as well as turntablists. For the latter path, you might be more suited using a 2-channel (or 10”) DJ mixer. This is typical for DJs that incorporate scratching into their performances. If you want it all in one system, and prefer the benefits of DJ software, a controller might be the right fit for you. No matter what route you go down we will be here to help. We even have DJ equipment designed for mobile, wedding, club, and touring DJs. Our packages include top-selling DJ gear from our top brands. These packs have been designed to help guide you in making the right gear choice for your needs.

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